20120810-081520.jpgGood morning

The headlines:

  1. Google’s fine.

    Link: Apple Safari breach.

    Google is paying $22.5 million for having breached Apple’s internet browser.

    Which left me asking what that meant exactly.

    So any teenage boy with a Mac will know that Safari comes with that “Private Browsing” option for those, you know, private times. It seems that Google circumvented that option and started storing cookies.

    I can see all the teenage boys waking out into a cold sweat. As opposed to, you know, a hot one.

    Bad Google. Very bad.

  2. Zynga resorts to stock options.

    Link: avoiding a mass exodus.

    I wonder if I would want stock options if I was a Zynga employee. Especially after the last earnings announcement.

    Let’s relook at their share price. Because it’s fun:

  3. Manchester United IPO for $233 million.

    Link: well below the original pricing range.

    I’m just not convinced by Sports team shares. But I suppose – loyal fan base and plenty of merchandising.

    The shares start trading today.


That’s all for now.

Have a good day.