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  1. Armstrong “gives up”.

    Link: everyone loves to bring down a hero.

    The US Anti-Doping Agency has been pursuing Lance for a very very long time. And now he’s decided to just give up.

    Which is crazy when it means being stripped of all 7 Tour de France titles. And being banned from cycling for life – but that’s alright, because he’s already retired.

    Mr Armstrong and his lawyers are calling the USADA investigation an “unconstitutional witch hunt” and “one-sided and unfair”. Particularly as most of the USADA evidence seems to be former teammates of the Armstrong that have been caught doping and have been stripped of medals, etc, and have now (probably) been offered leniency in exchange for testimony.

    Which makes them <insert sarcastic tone> very reliable.

    But hey. Whatever. Frankly, I think that the doping should be allowed. Because firstly, it makes for better television; and secondly, then everyone stands on an equal, if no-longer-quite-human, footing.

    PS: not sure that this is business news; but the original story is Bloomberg’s!

  2. Samsung versus Apple: a Korean ruling.

    Link: “Both of you go to your rooms”.

    A Korean court has ruled that Apple has violated some of Samsung’s patents, and has told them to suspend sales of the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, the iPad 1 and the iPad 2 in South Korea. They also have to pay Samsung a fine of 40 million won ($35,000).

    The court also rules that Samsung has violated one of Apple’s patents, and has told them to suspend sales of the Galaxy S, the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Tab and 9 other products in South Korea. They also have to pay Apple a fine of 25 million won ($22,000).

    That’s harsh, mom. That’s harsh.

  3. MDC rejects Zimbabwe’s new draft constitution.

    Link: the flawed process.

    The draft, proposed by Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party, has been rejected by both MDC factions in Parliament.

    From what I can understand, the three parties had agreed on a draft constitution, then ZANU-PF changed things before they presented it. “Changes demanded by the people of Zimbabwe,” according to a ZANU-PF spokesperson.

    Back to the proverbial drawing board.

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