20120701-181927.jpgGood morning

The headlines*:

  1. No Japanese stimulus.

    Link: sounds like a repeat story.

    The Bank of Japan increased its asset-purchase fund (which would be stimulative), except for the fact that it cut a credit-loan facility by the exact same amount (well that’s redundant).

    That said, even when Japan tries to be stimulative, it fails. For example, on Tuesday, it failed to get enough bids for a six-month lending operation for the 14th time in a row.


  2. Apple stops going green.

    Link: oh – the moral outrage.

    The old-school hipsters are threatening to stop buying apple products.

    Sorry – make that the entire staff of the City of San Fransisco.

    Apple has elected to drop out of the EPEAT rating system (which it helped to create), as it maintains that it meets other, stricter, environmental standards.

    The skeptics maintain that it’s because the new Macbook Pro Retina line has some components glued together, which make the lap top hard to recycle (an EPEAT fail).

    Ah well. It’s only a $45,000 loss (the budget allocation by the City of San Fransisco). I’m sure that it will pale in comparison to the sales generated by the new Macbooks…

  3. Airbus scraps sales target.

    Link: but you only wanted to sell 30 planes!

    I lied. It wanted to sell 30 A380 superjumbo jets.

    It seems that the air industry is going smaller. Thus far, Airbus has had one contract this year for A380 planes. And that was only for 4 of them.

    Maybe don’t buy Airbus shares…

  4. Spain’s new austerity cuts.

    Link: more cuts for more time.

    PM Rajoy announced €65 billion worth of cuts yesterday, in exchange for a one-year extension in meeting budget deficit limits.

    He’s retracting on election promises. Which is to be expected under the circumstances.

    But still – raising taxes when you said you’d cut them…

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*Today has all the hallmarks of being a no-hallmark day. Occasionally, I open up Bloomberg, and there is just a general re-hash of yesterday’s news, with “headlines” that involve the movement of the Dow Jones. The movement of the Dow is an every day occurrence. Like a sunrise. And it’s not like I open up BBC to “Yesterday’s sunset was the most crimson shade of red in four months”…