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It’s a short one, I’m afraid. Busy morning – and most of the news I’ve seen is boring. Everyone who is anyone has a comment to make about the Romney and Obama policy positions. Which is, to be honest, a bit of old news…

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The headlines:

  1. Obama is in the lead.

    Link: but as we established on Tuesday, Romney has already lost the election.

    Obama is ahead by 51% to 43%, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

    In between all the margins of error, I would say that poor Mitt’s moment on Tuesday has not helped.

  2. Marikana miners return to work.

    Link: the 22% payrise.

    After over a month of crisis and death and Julius-Malema-stealing-the-spotlight-and-addressing-the-army-for-some-reason, the Lonmin workers were offered a pay increase of 22% and have agreed to return to work.

    But before we get excited, this was a group of workers at a stadium. None of the trade unions (NUM, AMCU, and a newcomer: Solidarity Union) have formally agreed to anything.

    Meanwhile, someone got shot at a nearby mine #Contagion.

  3. And an actress sues Google.

    Link: that awkward video that’s causing WW3.

    An “actress” is a euphemistic term for what I saw in that 14 minute trailor: which no one should watch because it really is a waste of life.

    Nevertheless, Cindy Lee Garcia is suing both Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (AKA Sam Bacile, by all accounts) and, um, Google. Because she thought it was a movie about Ancient Egyptians, and not “reprehensibly” anti-Islamic.

    Why is she suing Google? Oh yes – because they won’t take it down. I just think that you can Google almost anything – why should this controversial clip be anything but searchable? People deserve to know what is causing all this crisis. And, Cindy Lee, who is partly responsible.

    Worry not – now you’re famous. Wasn’t that your goal here?

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