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The headlines:

  1. Obama VS Romney.

    Link: the Mitt finally catches a break?

    Last night was the debate.

    It was a lot of Mitt offers a fact, Obama fumbles a response; Obama throws an accusation, Mitt gives a little long story along the lines of: “Look, I’ve got five boys. I’m used to people saying something that’s not always true but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping I’ll believe it. But that is not the case, alright? I will not reduce the taxes paid by high-income Americans.”

    At the end, CNN ran a poll. 67% of Americans say the Republican won.

    He, um, talked them into it.

  2. Mitt Romney announces a tax plan.

    Link: and I think I know why it took him so long.

    Wrote about it here.

  3. Iran’s currency fail.

    Link: anger that’s not all that Bazaar.

    There’s been protesting in the streets of Tehran at the rapid devaluation of Iranian rial. And it’s being supported by many in the Grand Bazaar – which has traditionally been the bank-roller of last resort (it apparently bankrolled the 1979 revolution).

    And, well:

    According to Iran’s parliamentary speaker, the inflation rate has now peaked 29%. And given that this is a government figure, it should probably be treated with a fair amount of skepticism.

    The pressure of sanctions does appear to be rising. On the other hand, it could just be general panic within Iran itself that is driving up inflation expectations – which is really the key to an inflation pandemic.

  4. Kingfisher Airlines staff threaten to go on strike.

    Link: it’s about time.

    After 7 months of not-being-paid a salary? That’s not striking. Working for no pay is not employment – it’s the, um, definition of slavery. They should call it a protest for human rights…

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