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The headlines:

  1. iPhone 5 sales fall short of 10 million unit first weekend sale estimate.

    Link: ha – try 5 million – there was a supply shortfall.

    Now here’s something that NO ONE saw coming. Here’s the Bloomberg quote:

    “Apple Inc. (AAPL) reported debut weekend sales for the iPhone 5 that fell short of some analysts’ estimates after supply constraints delayed shipment”.

    Some other quotes:

    “We find it unfortunate that some analysts continue to publish irresponsible estimates without taking into account realistic demand trends and potential supply constraints. This is a classic case of near-term expectations getting out of touch with reality” – Shaw Wu, analyst.

    “The story now with Apple is less about the gorgeous technology and more about if it can really execute the global supply” – James Kelleher, analyst.

    It seems to me that analysts have talent in stating the obvious… FYI: the “component shortage” apparently had something to do with the touch-screen technology, that uses in-cell something something that makes it super cool.

    Anyway – Apple’s share price, um, dropped:

    Should have shorted on Thursday! #PatsSelfOnBack

  2. China’s “record” stimulus.

    Link: let’s re-examine that headline.

    When you’re famous for not really being stimulative at all, it doesn’t take much for you to suddenly be breaking records and sh*t.

    China was stimulative with $46 billion. To put that into perspective: that’s about 0.0063% of their GDP in 2011. Or, more importantly, it’s about 0.0029% of US public debt.

    Or about 7% of the market value of Apple.

    The metaphor I’m aiming for here is something akin to the small boy and the bucket trying to empty the ocean. If he has a bucket or a bathtub, the difference is back-breaking for him; but he’s still not going to empty the ocean…

  3. Steve Wozniak wants to become Australian.

    Link: derision – sigh with it.

    Steve who?

    Oh yes – the guy that came out in support of buying Facebook shares at $38 and calling them “cheap at the price”.

    He may have “co-founded” Apple, but I didn’t see them begging him to return to fill the Jobs gap. Anyway, he wants to become Australian.

    In a moment of sheer awesome*, he told the Australians that a key factor in his decision to become Australian is the government’s planned national broadband network.

    The lesser of two Steves. Rather late than, um, never.

    Look at those eyes!

    Run, Australia. Run.

    *because it’s so, you know, crazy.

  4. Mercedes releases a boating concept.

    Link: it looks like a sperm whale.

    I mean really.

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