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Before I begin, the soon-to-be-standard observation:

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The headlines:

  1. The Decline of Apple.

    Link: say it isn’t so!

    Well – it is for now. It seems that Apple fans are waiting for the release of the new iPhone. Why do the 4S if you can do the 5?

    Everyone is all “OMG – they’re, like, so dependent on the iPhone sales!!” Which isn’t that surprising really. Anyone who’s anyone who’s not-an-Android-crazy-person wants to move to an iPhone.

  2. Modern Family cast sues.

    Link: more headaches for the Murdoch.

    It’s like Friends all over again. Modern Family gets awesome. The producer locks people into contracts. The people get irritated about their low-earnings per show and their being-locked-in.

    The producer, in this case, is News Corp. As owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    The lead actress in the suit is Sofia Vergara. It makes me laugh.

  3. EU “rushes” to create an ECB watchdog.

    Link: getting bored of this.

    The EU constantly seems to be rushing these days. And yet, for all the rushing, everything seems to either stay the same, or get worse.

    The issue at play is the link between banks and their governments. The two are linked by bailouts and the government’s credit rating. It’s the economic version of a vicious circle.

    The “rushing” is toward the creation of a new central EU fund that will recapitalise the banks when they’re in crisis directly; thereby preventing the government in question from being the fall guy, and also preventing the banks from being the fall guys when the government is Greece.

    To me, that just sounds like the vicious circle will now be a vicious triangle. But maybe that’s just me.

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