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The headlines:

  1. The Libor Folk resist change.

    Link: old school.

    So there’s the Libor collusion scandal. And (obviously) this has been followed by calls to change the way it’s calculated*.

    The BBA is happy to issue codes of conduct and increased vigilance: but they won’t change the calculation method.

    Which makes sense. A number of Libor-based contracts are denominated for long periods of time (ie. 10 years plus). Changing the calculation method sounds like a material contract change, not so? Especially when the general consensus is that any change will be “incremental” (a synonym for “higher”).

    The opposition want Libor quotes to be trade-driven, not opinion-driven. This sounds reasonable – but I think that there is a solid argument against it. The rate is interbank: the people being asked should be banks. They have negotiating power and such between themselves. You leave it market-driven, and suddenly, it’s being driven by speculators.

    And the banks will still just lend between themselves.

    *The quick summary of the current calc: the British Bankers Association does a quick call around the banks every morning, gets an idea of what everyone expects to pay to borrow money for a specific period of time, ignores the top 25% and the bottom 25% of quotes, averages the middle 50%, and publishes the rate just before noon.

  2. News Corp. to be split in two.

    Link: the publishing breakaway.

    It’s the same old story: someone reads someone else’s cellphone messages, people get angry, and then there’s a break-up.

    The theory is to separate the UK newspapers from the entertainment group’s investments: as the American investors want the Fox side to stay, but why be exposed to UK editorial shenanigans?

    So much scandal.

  3. Glencore-Xstrata deal threatened.

    Link: Qatar cuts deep.

    Qatar Holdings LLC, Xtrata’s second-largest shareholder, is demanding an effective 16% increase in the bid, by asking for 3.25 Glencore shares for every Xstrata share (up from 2.8 shares).

    13.3% of shareholders now formally oppose the merger at the current acquisition price, which is coming very close to the 16.48% needed to stop the merger from happening**.

    The vote is on July 12.

    **Something something UK takeover rules something Glencore can’t vote with its 34% share something equals: a 16.48% threshold.

  4. Google to unveil tablet.

    Link: more iPad competition.

    It’s expected to be shown at the Google conference today. An asus tablet running on Android.

    I feel like Microsoft beat them off the mark with the Surface.

    On the other hand, Apple beat everyone.

  5. Stockton to file for bankruptcy.

    Link: and so the end begins.

    Stockton, California, is to file for bankruptcy protection. Talks with bondholders and labour unions failed.


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