Thanks this website
Thanks this website

I did actually go and count how many windows and tabs I had open:

  1. Seven active program windows:
    1. the Internet browser to write this blog post,
    2. Skype with a follow-up on some outstanding work,
    3. Slack with a conversation about invoicing,
    4. my Mail client for an email about a project,
    5. Microsoft Word for an invoice that was part of the Slack conversation,
    6. Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets on the Skype-work and the Mail-project, and
    7. my Reminders app for updating the To Do list based on B, C and D.
    8. Also iTunes, Finder and iCal – but those don’t really count because they’re just in the background.
  2. Twelve open tabs in Safari, including:
    1. Auctionata (checking the catalogue for their next online Post War and Contemporary Art auction);
    2. Three partially-read articles by Matt Levine from Bloomberg View (about Uber, Active Managers, and whether Yahoo will be able to spin-off Alibaba without killing themselves by tax);
    3. A youtube clip on vaccinations (your guess is almost as good as mine);
    4. News pieces on Greece, Tesla and China’s ghost-towns;
    5. Facebook; and
    6. Pinterest for the infographica (of which today’s post was one).

I was also messaging on Whatsapp.

Think of all that dopamine.

*automatically opens another tab to google dopamine*

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