Economic Theory

seigniorage and coins

Seigniorage and Issuing Coins: All The Money To Be Made

When is a currency worth the paper that it's printed on? And what is seigniorage anyway?

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Are we heading for Financial Armageddon?

The internet is filled with financial prophets of doom, all proclaiming the Fiat Money End Times. Should we be worried that they're right?

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tragedy of the commons and antibiotic resistance

Tragedy of the Commons: Antimicrobial Resistance

Superbugs, superdrugs, and the "let's argue about what causes it" distraction.

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keynesian v austrian

Keynesian v Austrian Economics

The debate, explained with infographics and illness.

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The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve: An Infographic Guide

Because we really should know that the Fed came from somewhere. And it wasn't actually that Zeitgeist-y.

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Deflation, and feeling deflated

Deflation: An Infographic Guide

Because deflation is a story best told in pictures.

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Inflation: An Infographic Guide

Literally, what the title says.

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taxation and beer

A Taxation Parable: Paying for Beers

Beers are refreshing. This taxation story...needs to be refreshed.

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Money: the chicken or egg argument

Money or Credit: Which Came First?

Money has its own chicken or egg argument. Did we start by bartering, or did we start bartering because we could no longer trade favours?

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comparative advantage

Comparative Advantage: Why We Trade

Earlier in the week, I wrote about the arguments against free trade. And I thought it would only be fair to balance that out by explaining why we’ve been pushing toward it for so long. Ultimately, this comes down to the principle of Comparative Advantage. And that principle is basically a jargonized way of saying: […]

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