Economic Theory

strange currencies

The World’s Strangest Currencies

Stranger than paper?

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all the money and markets

All the World’s Money and Markets

An infographic of money and markets.

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all the rice in thailand

Yingluck’s Yang Luck: Not for all the rice in Thailand

Crazy government pricing, and economic fairytales.

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ponzi schemes

Ponzi Schemes: A History

Postage stamps and ponzi schemes

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The Interest Rate: A Rough Beginner’s Guide

Almost everything that you need to know. And perhaps a bit more than you want to know.

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asset pricing bubble

Your Average Pricing Bubble: A Roadmap

Cresting the "New paradigm!" narrative.

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poverty diversity

Poverty Diversity

There seems to be a direct correlation between diversity and poverty....

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US dollar

The Early History of the US Dollar

Some infographic notes.

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When would gold become worthless?

When gold would be worthless

The psychology of gold, its value, and money

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Commodity-Based Currency. And goats.

Commodity-Based Currency: The Problems With Goats

Goats being used to pay school fees is one thing - but is there a better commodity-based currency out there? And would it be better than fiat money?

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