Economic Theory

tariffs and free trade

Tariffs: The Trumpian Argument

Protectionism for the modern age.

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Why do we trade, anyway?

The theory of cupcakes. And comparative advantage.

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keynes and leisure

Learning to live with leisure

Keynes wrote about the economic possibilities of his generation's grandchildren. That would be us.

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fiat money

Is fiat money really unbacked?

Well, no. Fiat money is backed. But if you already think that it's unbacked, then you're probably not going to like how.

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economic relationships

Economic Relationships: Markets, Morals, Rights and Laws

In a world of free markets, are we thinking about relationships in the right way?

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All The World’s Money In All The World’s Markets

This money infographic is probably my favourite ever. And it's just had a face-lift.

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great depression

The Great Depression

The life and times of the Great Depression

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great deflation

Famous Deflation: The Economic Causes

The causes of the Great Depression.

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roman empire coinage

Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire

Inflation by coin clipping

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strange currencies

The World’s Strangest Currencies

Stranger than paper?

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