Long-time readers will know that I’m a general fan of Ha-Joon Chang. Specifically, I think that his book “Economics: A User’s Guide” should be required reading for every layperson.

Here are some older posts inspired by Mr Chan’s work:

  1. Cultural Stereotypes and Economic Theory
  2. The Economic Schools: Gettin’ Schooled
  3. How Economists See The World. And Things To Know.
  4. Thank Goodness for Bribery and Corruption?
  5. Why Bus Drivers In Sweden Earn More Than Bus Drivers In India
  6. Singapore. A Success Story. Not a Free Market one.

But the real inspiration for this particular post is a new clip from RSA Animate on Youtube (email subscribers should be able to watch this directly on the blog).

It made me happy. It’s worth ten minutes of your morning.

Have a great weekend.

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