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hyperinflation and hot air balloons

A Hyperinflation Investment Horizon

How to get rich during a hyperinflation. And: who loses.

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Venezuela and the most valuable company in the world

The world's most valuable company is in Venezuela.

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tax refunds and entrepreneurship

Having a second income in South Africa: for tax reasons

Even if you're not making much money, you might be making more money than you think.

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salaries and exchange rates

Salaries and Exchange Rates: Defining your “real” worth

Does the 'dollar value' of Rand salaries matter?

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ponzi schemes

Ponzi Schemes: A History

Postage stamps and ponzi schemes

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Bitcoin Cash

The bitcoin fork that will make bitcoin cash.

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international payment system

International Payment Costs: Bitcoin v Credit Card v EFT

And also, how long an international payment takes to clear.

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The Interest Rate: A Rough Beginner’s Guide

Almost everything that you need to know. And perhaps a bit more than you want to know.

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Bitcoin Fork: if this article makes no sense to you…

...then you probably shouldn't be buying Bitcoin right now.

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Not All Deflation is Bad?

Except when it's depressing.

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