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Cryptocurrencies gone mad: a broken exchange?

Here's a sexy theory for you, involving a broken Bitcoin exchange and a spate of "ICOs".

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The new Bitcoin Bubble – but will it pop?

In the last 12 hours, Bitcoin has had an astonishing run. Also in the last 12 months. Basically, since the beginning.

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US dollar

The Early History of the US Dollar

Some infographic notes.

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inequality maps

Inequality Maps: How We Share The World

Inequality through interactive cartograms. Sign me up.

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When would gold become worthless?

When gold would be worthless

The psychology of gold, its value, and money

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How a Bitcoin transaction works

Bitcoin, blockchain, hashes and nonces...

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wealth tax and income tax

Wealth Taxes: We Already Pay Them

Personal Income Tax is already a wealth tax. It seems to me that what we really have here is a framing problem. But we can fix that.

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A Trumpian tax cut

Mr Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut

Who doesn't love a tax cut? Well, let me answer that question.

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Commodity-Based Currency. And goats.

Commodity-Based Currency: The Problems With Goats

Goats being used to pay school fees is one thing - but is there a better commodity-based currency out there? And would it be better than fiat money?

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P2P Lending

P2P Lending: A User’s Guide

How it's disruptive, why it's cool, and when you should start to worry that P2P lending might turn into a terrible idea...

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