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Auditors aren’t all knowing: in defence of KPMG

But capitalism needs auditors regardless.

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personal data

Personal Data: Learning To Live Publicly

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and what it may mean to live in a "post-privacy" world. It might be both easier and harder than we think.

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love economics, and balloons

Love Economics: The Partner Markets

Preamble: this is a Valentine-specific blog post about the search for love. It’s from last year. I’m re-sharing it. Searching for a partner often sounds like looking for the right pair of shoes. Only, it’s a very specific shoe that you’re hunting for. It needs to be the right size, comfortable, fitting with your personal sense of style, and […]

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drake equation love

The Drake Equation for girlfriends

Or for partners in general. Although the good news is that it's probably wrong.

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What Assets Make Up Wealth?

This is fascinating: Business interests, eh – who knew? Rolling Alpha posts opinions on finance, economics, and sometimes things that are only loosely related. Follow me on Twitter @RollingAlpha, and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rollingalpha. Also, check out the RA podcast on iTunes: The Story of Money.

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land redistribution

Land Redistribution: It Doesn’t Work

Not if you want the new farmers to hold the private property rights to their new land.

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christmas gifts

The Deadweight Loss of Christmas Gifts

Are gifts better in cash or in kind?

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organs and second life

The difficult allocation of organs

What happens when there is no acceptable market for something that people need?

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best return for your money

Getting the best return on your (small amount of) money

The answer may involve tea bags.

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black friday sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: there is no such thing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a myth.

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