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yemen, water crisis and qat

Yemen’s Water Crisis

The bad economics of qat production.

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wine and price

The Power Of Price: It Makes Expensive Wines Taste Better

It's all in your head, Harry.

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irrationality and coffee

Irrationality: Traveling 10 Miles To Save 10 Bucks

And/or queuing for coffee. For hours. For what?

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How Cognitive Bias Affects Everyday Decisions

There is plenty of cognitive bias in the world. Here are 10.

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laziness and financial freedom

Laziness is the path to financial freedom

Richard Thaler has something to tell us about the way that we save money. And it involves your own inertia.

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Richard Thaler: 2017 Nobel Laureate for Economics

Thaler and the rise of behavioral economics.

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Neuroeconomics: A Primer

It's just behavioural science, really, But what a great name.

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facts and checking them

Facts don’t matter

Is there such a thing as too much education?

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fact-checking trump

Why fact-checking can’t stop Trump’s lies

A youtube clip that you should check out.

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million dollar artwork

The Million Dollar Artwork Formula

How art gets its value: the cynical version

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