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christmas gifts

The Deadweight Loss of Christmas Gifts

Are gifts better in cash or in kind?

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organs and second life

The difficult allocation of organs

What happens when there is no acceptable market for something that people need?

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best return for your money

Getting the best return on your (small amount of) money

The answer may involve tea bags.

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black friday sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: there is no such thing

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a myth.

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a famine of sparrows

We’re Definitely Wrong. And a famine of sparrows.

History's biggest lesson: in the end, we're going to have it all wrong. But in the interim, here's an example that involves sparrows.

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alien abduction insurance

Alien Insurance, And Other Things You Don’t Need

Also: how insurance is meant to work.

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retirement saving

Retirement Savings: Why Isn’t There Enough?

Be warned: much financial self-help is far too self-serving.

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yemen, water crisis and qat

Yemen’s Water Crisis

The bad economics of qat production.

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wine and price

The Power Of Price: It Makes Expensive Wines Taste Better

It's all in your head, Harry.

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irrationality and coffee

Irrationality: Traveling 10 Miles To Save 10 Bucks

And/or queuing for coffee. For hours. For what?

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