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Office Politics: Of Mosquitoes

I realise that there is a very tired old saying about small problems and mosquitoes; one that’s become trite and results in eye-rolling. But last night there was a mosquito in my room (I maintain: more than one), and it was well annoying. The mosquito (let’s call him Henry) only arrived after the lights had […]

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keep calm and eat pasta

Boicotta Barilla? Meh

Drama! Some background story: Barilla pasta is pretty awesome. It’s the brand I buy – or, at least, it’s the brand that I used to buy when I openly ate carbohydrate*. *Today, I don’t buy carbohydrate in supermarkets. Instead, I seem to eat a lot of dessert in restaurants. Yes – it’s irrational. The Barilla […]

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Car guards

The Trouble With Car Guards

There is a standard South African anecdote that explains why we pay car guards: so that they don’t damage the car while we’re not there. Obviously, that’s ridiculous. Because we tip car guards on departure, not arrival – so how are they to know if they should key your C-class in advance? Which makes it […]

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Office Politics: Oh The Incompetence

I’d like to say that I spend most of my day doing real work. In fact, I’ve expressed that desire before: in reference to how that desire is stymied by the IT department and Microsoft Excel’s regret at my inconvenience. But that’s not the only obstacle. Because then there are people. In the following camps: […]

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online dating

The Economics of Online Dating: A Market For Lemons

It's almost like math. Let's call it "maximising the probability of success".

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Office Politics: And Dress Codes

Today is Friday; and therefore, by definition, it is casual. I am wearing black jeans, a Gap golf shirt, and a pair of grey shoes that are halfway between a sneaker and a loafer – but so comfortable that it feels like I’m walking on malted puffs of sponge. And yes – I may have […]

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The Rich Are People Too

The psychology of the wealthy.

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Types of Insurance: What Everyone Needs, And What They Don’t

Don't know what insurance you need? Fear not. Here's a list.

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Insuring Yourself Against Aliens

Crazy Insurance Policies. And how insurance is actually meant to work.

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Office Politics: And The Inordinate Wastage Of Time

I sat down to write this post 45 minutes ago. In that time: I have visited the kitchen twice, drunk two cappuccinos, looked up the spelling of “cappuccino”, read the Schumpeter article from last week’s Economist, walked with the dog in the garden, checked my emails, responded to two of them, checked whatsapp, played around […]

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