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The first day of your first job is tedious. You try to arrive early and then realise that you’re not sure where to park. The guard at the door forces you to sign the visitor register. Lunch is a takeaway from that brightly-coloured place that no one goes to after their first visit. And you […]

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Susus and Stokvels: They’re For Rich People Too

I have a new favourite podcast: NPR’s Planet Money. Every single podcast gives me an idea for a post – although what I would write is basically a transcript. For example, their latest episode is: “The Economist’s Guide To Drinking While Pregnant” – which is totally relevant for the sanctimoniously knocked-up. It does a little […]

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Office Politics: Death By Hours

If you’ve been paying attention to the news this week, you’ll know that there is (more) scandal in the world of Investment Banking. Moritz Erhardt was a summer intern at BofAML (Bank of America Merrill Lynch), and he died in his shower last week. Apparently after working for 72 solid hours. As an intern. Admittedly, […]

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We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky

Today’s post has actually already been posted on another website (ModestMoney.com). Yes – my very first guest blog! Here’s the link: Man Can Live By Luck Alone Please visit it, read it, comment on it, and most importantly: retweet it and share it on facebook. Firstly, because I want to be invited back. And secondly, […]

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Office Politics: How I Hate a Dell

I would like to say that much of my day is spent doing work and meeting with important people. That would give me job satisfaction and the illusion that it all means something. Fortunately, these days, I work on a Macbook*, so that goal is within the realm of possibility. *I occasionally hear about designers […]

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Office Politics: Millenials and Emails

There’s a descriptive word for my generation: the millennial. At least, I think I’m still young enough to be part of the millennial generation. I’m certainly whiny enough. Anyway. Key Millennial Characteristics “You’re so two thousand and late” – Why yes, I do want that yesterday. I’m all about the instant gratification. “Squirrel!” – I […]

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Office Politics: Open Offices Are A Psychological Health Risk

Open office plans are the practical corporate answer to socialism. Or communism. Something that implies that everyone is equal and important. And it was (apparently) invented by architects hoping to make the world a better place. Only, um, it’s not true that everyone is equal or important. I’m not quite sure why we tend to […]

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The Economic Theory of Relativity

This is not a post about Einstein. I briefly attempted to wiki Einstein’s General Theory; and realised, from the second line, that even the phrase “out of my depth” would be inappropriate – because it implies that I may have “some” depth when it comes to physics. In fact – I have anti-depth. Most of […]

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Office Politics: The Facebook Fails

So this: And this: And this: Come folks. It’s a simple rule: DON’T TALK ABOUT WORK ON FACEBOOK. But I’ve given it some thought, and here are some other things that will (and should) get you fired: Working with children and friending them on facebook. Because, zir*, you are now a click away from liking […]

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Office Politics: Where Credit Gets Taken

Acknowledgement is the spice of life. I mean – it’s not like we work for the sheer pleasure of working (unless you’re one of the lucky few). For most of us, job satisfaction is built on two things: The Paycheck; and The Praise. Of course, there are those who’ll argue that they only do it […]

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