The article of the day. Link: Uh huh – but what if it’s too L-8.

Mr. Obama is supporting Mr. Hollande in his pro-growth policies. And poor Angela M is finding herself the last austerity stalwart/bulwark/any-other-misunderstood-nouns.

My question: should Obama really be dishing out the economic advice? Yes – things look to be improving in America on the face of it – but that’s all eye-shadow and lip gloss. Underneath the “base” and “foundation” is an acne crisis that is desperately in need of roacutane. And the “base” and “foundation” are just making it worse.

On the other hand, there is the Eurozone. Which is depressed and has clearly lost its Maybelline contract. Sure – it’s ugly. But halfway through the treatment is no time to stop!

Grit teeth. Power through. Beauty is pain.

Economic surgery can’t be superficial if it’s to look good in the long term.