It’s the weekend. And I found this clip that I think is worth watching (here’s the link for the email subscribers): 130 Years of Global Warming.

The video comes from a company called Pale Blue Dot LLC. And I find what they’re doing mildly interesting, in that:

  1. We have a global problem; but
  2. There is no obvious global solution to that problem; mainly because
  3. Political will.

But in the internet age, we tend to be quite autonomous. For example:

  1. I don’t listen to scheduled programming on the radio – I choose what I want to listen to on my iTunes playlist and/or my Podcasts app.
  2. I don’t watch scheduled television – I pick things I want to watch off Netflix.
  3. I don’t read a newspaper – I can pick my news content provider/providers online (and/or pick my journalists of choice on twitter).
  4. I don’t have to shop based on what’s available in the store – I have amazon, ebay and takealot.

In many ways, our lives are far more self-directed than they were (even if our experience is somewhat…curated*).
*there’s a buzzword for you

So why shouldn’t that extend to other areas of life as well?

I mean – in many ways, we’re doing it already. Like people going off the grid and becoming self-generating with their solar panels (and even over-generating!).

So when it comes to the environment, why not directly offset your carbon footprint by paying someone to do it for you? You don’t need to vote for a politician and hope that they can push the agenda from the background. You can intervene directly. At base level. And there might even be a market for it.

I’m not sure if pale blue dot LLC or whoever are good for your money. But still – I like the idea of that kind of market-based initiative. It feels communal. And positive.

And it gives me hope.

Happy Friday.

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