20120719-215855.jpgThe Daily News Roundup will be up a little later today.

If at all.

But in advance, here’s a basic summary of my expectations:

  1. Angela Merkel will still be hardening her stance on debt-sharing in the EU
  2. Obama and Romney will still be calling each other names
  3. Spain will be appealing for more aid for its banks
  4. Everyone will still be worried that Italy is next
  5. Mr Diamond will have undergone some more name-trashing over the weekend
  6. More Libor scandal rumours will have spread about a bank other than Barclays
  7. Warren Buffett will be inexplicably buying more housing mortgage loan books from a failed bank
  8. The S&P 500 would have reached some new level that it previously hadn’t reached for the last whatever length of time
  9. Bloomberg will feature a random non-business-related news item about a sports personality (probably someone from an baseball or basketball team)
  10. The Greeks would have had a midnight vote of confidence for some reason that I still don’t understand.

Have a great week, all.