Last night, the second round of legislation was passed by the Greek Parliament in order to allow a bailout deal to be negotiated. Which sounds like a record on repeat.

Anyway, to backtrack slightly, I wrote about graphic novels back in January. And in particular, there was some serious praise written in the direction of Michael Goodwin and his awesome book, “Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works (and Doesn’t Work), in Words and Pictures“. In it, there were a few pages devoted to the Greek Debt Crisis.

On the blog, they’ve now posted those pages. You can go and read them in full (the link), but here are some screen caps of the more pertinent panels:

The German/French Bailout of German/French Banks
The Bailout of German/French Banks
Not that borrowers shouldn't suffer some pain...but still
Not that borrowers shouldn’t suffer some pain…but still

And I particularly like this:

The Austerity-Debt Cycle
The Austerity-Debt Cycle

I thought it was worth sharing. And seriously, the book is worth ordering.

Particularly as: if lots of people order it, then I might get to eventually read a sequel.

Here’s something else that came up on the google search:

Thanks Pinterest
Thanks Pinterest

Hilarious. And Happy Thursday.

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