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ALL Taxes are Wealth Taxes

Also, how we use taxes as a kind of indefinite land-reform/asset-redistribution process.

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How Taxes Reduce Inequality in South Africa

Taxes do what they're meant to do: address inequality. Why don't we take them into account then?

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Piketty and his Rockstar Solutions Part 2

Spreading the wealth tax word. And that time that I lost my wallet in Soweto.

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Wealth Inequality, Thomas Piketty and Land Reform

I paraphrased Piketty's return to 'patrimonial capitalism'. It's more interesting than it sounds #nerd

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low cost

The Low Cost Of South African Living

Why it's cheap to live here. And it has something to do with housing.

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us wealth inequality

US Wealth Inequality: A Cartoon (or two)

Because cartoons are cool.

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Born Unequal

Endorsing a youtube clip that's worth your time.

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Global Warming: It’s Not The Cows, It’s The Middle Class!

How the rise of the middle class has led to global warming.

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inequality cartoon

Global Wealth Inequality: The Hubbub [repost]

Some angering statistics. And a youtube clip that everyone should see.

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inequality lifted

Is Inequality a Good Thing? Arguments from the other side.

It’s December – and it’s that time of the year when a few things start to happen: People start going on holiday, making readership numbers drop off. I run out of blog topics because I also want to go on holiday. Or when I have a great blog idea, I start wondering whether I should save […]

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