Personal Finance: involves more persons than you think

Why are your personal finance goals under budget? It's all the people that you didn't take into account. But that might be a good thing.

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Personal Finance Revolution

A Personal Finance (R)Evolution

Personal finance is not just savings and spreadsheets. It's time for a new paradigm - one that is a bit more balanced.

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spend away

I spend too much!

The saving-spending crisis: I have a rationalisation for you.

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I’m not paying for someone else’s mortgage!

And when your mortgage is really just rental paid to your bank.

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What Assets Make Up Wealth?

This is fascinating: Business interests, eh – who knew? Rolling Alpha posts opinions on finance, economics, and sometimes things that are only loosely related. Follow me on Twitter @RollingAlpha, and on Facebook at Also, check out the RA podcast on iTunes: The Story of Money.

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best return for your money

Getting the best return on your (small amount of) money

The answer may involve tea bags.

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alien abduction insurance

Alien Insurance, And Other Things You Don’t Need

Also: how insurance is meant to work.

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retirement saving

Retirement Savings: Why Isn’t There Enough?

Be warned: much financial self-help is far too self-serving.

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laziness and financial freedom

Laziness is the path to financial freedom

Richard Thaler has something to tell us about the way that we save money. And it involves your own inertia.

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million dollar artwork

The Million Dollar Artwork Formula

How art gets its value: the cynical version

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