america's wealth tax

America’s Debt: is it really just a wealth tax?

What happens when the wealthy also have a vested interest in America's debt, because they need her to borrow from them?

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America Debt Trap

“America doesn’t have too much debt”?

What Paul Krugman and Cullen Roche have in common

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America's Public Debt

$20 trillion of America’s Public Debt

America's Public Debt has a new reference figure.

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Join the protest

Should you ever join the protest?

Yes, it's a debate that we keep having. It's probably important that we keep having it.

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#AntiZumaMarches: This Civil Protest

Yoh. Some of these sign. My word.

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The Pravin Gordhan scorecard

The Pravin Gordhan Scorecard

Placing both terms as finance minister into context.

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South Africa's Junk Status

Junk Status: How It Affects You

Here's a breakdown of how junk status affects you and me. We're not quite there yet - but that might just be until Moody's releases their rating.

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How has America got healthcare so wrong?

America’s healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world. If you’ve ever bought worldwide health insurance cover, you may have noticed that the US is often excluded from the definition of ‘worldwide’. And if you visit the States, you usually need to request specific US coverage from your medical insurer. Why? Because the US […]

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The SA Finance Minister dance continues…

Next up: Malusi Gigaba. Pravhin, thanks for playing.

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