south africa rand

Why The Rand Has “Weakened” Since 1971

Also, don't keep money in your mattress.

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public protector and history

A Public Protector That Can’t Tell The Time

You need to check your history, ma'am. Because timing matters. Also, facts.

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state bank

State Bank… But why though?

Why does the retail banking sector fail the unbanked and SMEs? And would a state bank really do it better?

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South African Imports

South African Imports: Visualised

All the refined metals (and tech-stuff).

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The SARB: nationalisation is NOT the issue

Ownership of the SARB is not the problem here. The public protector is.

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South African Exports: Visualised

People do cool things with data.

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america's wealth tax

America’s Debt: is it really just a wealth tax?

What happens when the wealthy also have a vested interest in America's debt, because they need her to borrow from them?

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America Debt Trap

“America doesn’t have too much debt”?

What Paul Krugman and Cullen Roche have in common

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America's Public Debt

$20 trillion of America’s Public Debt

America's Public Debt has a new reference figure.

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