Zimbabwe Cash Crisis

The Zimbabwe Cash Crisis: how do we solve it?

To solve the Zimbabwe cash crisis, we can do better than bringing back the Zimbabwe dollar. What about bringing back two of them?

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land expropriation

Land Expropriation: Once Expropriated…

You have to keep it expropriated. And that is not so easy.

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the ramaphosa cabinet

The Ramaphosa Cabinet

This cabinet makes me feel good.

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The SA Budget 2018

The budget that we expected, but not the one we needed.

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sona 2018

SONA 2018: A Concerned Review

There's a lot of policy going on here. Does the feel-good factor cover all of it?

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capitec bank

Capitec v Viceroy #backoftheenvelope

Re-doing some calculations. And all the anecdotes.

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Can cryptocurrencies replace national currencies?

The short answer is no. The longer answer involves a prisoner's dilemma.

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us debt

The International Owners of US Debt

The countries that own US debt. And vice versa.

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reserve bank

“Nationalise the Reserve Bank!”

Except it's already nationalised.

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cyril ramaphosa for christmas

South Africa: a Cyril Ramaphosa for Christmas

Although this gift feels like it was expensive.

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