Managing Your Money


What Assets Make Up Wealth?

This is fascinating: Business interests, eh – who knew? Rolling Alpha posts opinions on finance, economics, and sometimes things that are only loosely related. Follow me on Twitter @RollingAlpha, and on Facebook at Also, check out the RA podcast on iTunes: The Story of Money.

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best return for your money

Getting the best return on your (small amount of) money

The answer may involve tea bags.

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alien abduction insurance

Alien Insurance, And Other Things You Don’t Need

Also: how insurance is meant to work.

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retirement saving

Retirement Savings: Why Isn’t There Enough?

Be warned: much financial self-help is far too self-serving.

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laziness and financial freedom

Laziness is the path to financial freedom

Richard Thaler has something to tell us about the way that we save money. And it involves your own inertia.

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african contemporary art

African Contemporary Art: The Investment Case

Also, who doesn't like to hobnob at an art fair or a gallery opening?

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tax refunds and entrepreneurship

Having a second income in South Africa: for tax reasons

Even if you're not making much money, you might be making more money than you think.

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The Early Retirement Myth

Even the early retirement gurus haven't retired. They've just discovered self-employment.

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fund managers apples with near apples

100% of Fund Managers Can Underperform The Market

We're not comparing apples with apples, you see. More like: apples with mostly-apples.

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Retirement and the golden number

Retirement: the 4% rule, and should you be worried?

The 4% rule is widely regarded as the golden rule for your golden years... But is that really enough for retirement?

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