Managing Your Money

index-linked funds and hedge funds

The Warren Buffett Bet: Index-Linked Funds FTW

9 years ago, Warren Buffett took a 10 year bet on low cost index-linked funds. He said they'd outperform hedge funds. He's already calling it a victory.

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Taking big risks

We Need To Take Bigger Risks

If you really want to be 'diversified', then that means that you have to take really big risks when you're young. Just saying.

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Retirement Savings: how much do you need?

The real numbers are much higher than you'd think. But also (and perhaps more importantly) should 'early retirement' even be the dream?

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portfolio construction

Portfolio Construction: A Beginner’s Guide

There are low-hanging fruit, which you should definitely pluck. After that, it's free game - and you should consider going alternative.

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emergency funds

Emergency Funds: at what point do you no longer need one?

We live in a world where you can sell things online. Should that change the way that we prepare for emergencies?

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Personal finance and serenity

What is ‘personal finance’ anyway?

Spoiler alert: it's about more than saving money. ALSO FEATURING: a personal finance take on the serenity prayer. Believe it.

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Tax Free Savings Accounts

Tax Free Savings Accounts: An Update For All The Savings

South Africa has a new budget, with new and higher taxes. The only small spot of good news: it means that your TFSAs just got way more valuable.

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credit card

My First Credit Card: Life Lessons

A personal finance confession. I don't know what's going on.

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Exponentials and compound interest

Compound Interest: Our Brains Aren’t Built For It

Compound interest is one of those ideas that doesn't come easily. Is it a result of the way that we're mathematically conditioned to see the world?

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Compound interest: how teens can become millionaires. Or not.

Yes, it's good to begin saving when you're young. But that's not the most important thing. Savings are still savings, even if you're a late starter.

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