Managing Your Money


Rent or Buy: Paying Off A House In 7 Years?

Paying off a mortgage faster means earning guaranteed returns.

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medical insurance

My Extreme Dislike Of Medical Savings

Here's some math.

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Rent or Buy: Why You Should Just Buy A House

Hint: it's not for financial reasons. Spoiler: it's because owned-houses feel like home.

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monopoly winner

Rent or Buy: How To Be A Property Mogul

Let's play Monopoly

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Exchange-Traded Funds: Where I Would Put My Savings Today

I recently got asked what I would do with all the spare cash that I had just lying around at the end of each month. Fortunately, there is an easy answer to this question: I rarely have any spare cash lying around. In my head, it’s because I try to live by my own philosophy: which […]

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Types of Insurance: What Everyone Needs, And What They Don’t

Don't know what insurance you need? Fear not. Here's a list.

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Insuring Yourself Against Aliens

Crazy Insurance Policies. And how insurance is actually meant to work.

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chance to become a legend

Financial Advisor Hokum

The first day of your first job is tedious. You try to arrive early and then realise that you’re not sure where to park. The guard at the door forces you to sign the visitor register. Lunch is a takeaway from that brightly-coloured place that no one goes to after their first visit. And you […]

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mankini gnome

Susus and Stokvels: They’re For Rich People Too

I have a new favourite podcast: NPR’s Planet Money. Every single podcast gives me an idea for a post – although what I would write is basically a transcript. For example, their latest episode is: “The Economist’s Guide To Drinking While Pregnant” – which is totally relevant for the sanctimoniously knocked-up. It does a little […]

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We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky

Today’s post has actually already been posted on another website ( Yes – my very first guest blog! Here’s the link: Man Can Live By Luck Alone Please visit it, read it, comment on it, and most importantly: retweet it and share it on facebook. Firstly, because I want to be invited back. And secondly, […]

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