It’s the day before Christmas, and I’m sure that everyone is out doing last-minute shopping and preparing those gammons and turduckens and the cranberry sauce. My fridge has mince pies in it (I have learned, from experience, that trying to buy mince pies on Christmas day is a fruitless exercise – this year, I have stocked up). And shortly, I shall be going in search of wrapping paper and duck.

It’s been a rather frenetic end to 2013. And I only finished off my last piece of work for the year yesterday, including an “in the case of my death being away for an indefinite period of time” email – which only goes to show how badly the chaos and the OCD have interacted.

I am so ready for a holiday. I have three weeks of it beginning on Friday, and I’ve prepped a series of posts and infographics and youtube clips to keep you entertained in my absence.

In my last few real-time posts, I did start writing something on the crisis of aging populations – but I realised two things:

  1. The topic is actually quite important; and
  2. Posting it this week would be a bit pointless, because not many of us are keen to read about serious things.

So I’ve decided to fall back on my trusted old-faithful: the economic wisdom of cows. Mainly because I found a new visualisation of them, with a couple of new additions, so here it is:

A Tale of Two Cows

Merry Christmas for tomorrow!