So I got lost this morning doing some research on Cambist (an online platform that my friend Tim told me to look at), and then I realised that it was going to be a much bigger post than I had time for.

In the interim, here is a new video clip that I watched recently on the economic impact of immigrants*.
*email subscribers will need to click through to the link to watch it.

I don’t really believe that things are half as rosy as they’re being painted – but I do think that immigrants are unusually entrepreneurial. I originally gave a list of reasons in this post (“The Cost of Anti-Immigration”), but I’d like to add this argument as well:

  1. According to this article, over two fifths of people find their jobs through networking.
  2. For new immigrants that don’t really have established networks, that means the job search is that much more difficult.
  3. So one of their best options will be to start something themselves.

It just makes sense that immigrants would have start a disproportionate number of new businesses.

It’s just a thought.