Here is a video that everyone ought to watch. At least, you should watch the middle part of it (I zoned out at the beginning there).

So first off, I’m not a massive fan of this type of commentary. I strongly dislike messages that follow the “Our world is a dark place because of the mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into, and if we only did this new thing, imagine what a great and glorious world we could have!” pattern – mainly because it’s too saccharine and neat and actually, the Bible has been saying this to us for millennia.


I do love a good observation.

In particular, I appreciate a point that deals with guilt. Specifically: workplace guilt.

Because here’s the thing:

  1. Everyone knows that we’re not created equal.
  2. Some people are more efficient than others.
  3. Often, that’s by choice.
  4. But most people don’t seem to care about that.
  5. If you’re not seen to be working, then clearly, you’re not doing your job.
  6. Which is highly prejudicial toward the lazy and inept, who are happy to chill at a lap top and make like they’re working whilst playing Candy Crush.

Examples of this kind of prejudice:

  1. Feeling cheated if you go to the doctor and they don’t check your breathing. Even if you’re going for an eczema rash on your foot.
  2. Judging those people that leave work early – even if you have no idea what they do and/or if they’re done with it.

Isn’t that insane?

It’s insane.

We’re employed for outcomes, not for time.

For some types of work, hours are a good approximation of outcome (like repeated manual tasks, waitering, etc). But for work that involves projects, tasks, goals, submissions, etc – then hours are a terrible proxy.

It’s just a thought.

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