So in my new bent to discover all things productive, I have found the “Pomodoro” technique for time management.

And ironically, I’ve elected to write about it on a day that I have no time (I am writing this from an airport lounge – my flight boards in… *checks time*…twenty minutes).

Which is almost enough time.

The basic idea:

  • Housewives everywhere use this device:

tomato clock

  • It’s a timer.
  • You should use it too.
  • Work on a task for 25 minutes
  • Then take a break.
  • Repeat thrice.
  • Take a longer break on the third time.

A diagram:

Thanks Chris Bailey
Thanks Chris Bailey

Why it works:

  • Most tasks tend to be ambiguous.
  • And the deadlines not immediately pressing.
  • So you tend to work slower. And do quizzes on Buzzfeed. And get coffee*.
    *I know this because I recently downloaded the Hours app to test my attention span.
  • But if you isolate the time period with a timer, then you create deadline-like conditions.
  • Also, it’s habit-forming (there’s a routine of working for 25 minutes, followed by a reward of 5 minute breaks).
  • I like habits.

For more, read this article: “Get Unstuck”.

The flight is boarding. Happy weekend, all!