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Office Politics: Millenials and Emails

There’s a descriptive word for my generation: the millennial. At least, I think I’m still young enough to be part of the millennial generation. I’m certainly whiny enough. Anyway. Key Millennial Characteristics “You’re so two thousand and late” – Why yes, I do want that yesterday. I’m all about the instant gratification. “Squirrel!” – I […]

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Office Politics: Open Offices Are A Psychological Health Risk

Open office plans are the practical corporate answer to socialism. Or communism. Something that implies that everyone is equal and important. And it was (apparently) invented by architects hoping to make the world a better place. Only, um, it’s not true that everyone is equal or important. I’m not quite sure why we tend to […]

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Office Politics: The Facebook Fails

So this: And this: And this: Come folks. It’s a simple rule: DON’T TALK ABOUT WORK ON FACEBOOK. But I’ve given it some thought, and here are some other things that will (and should) get you fired: Working with children and friending them on facebook. Because, zir*, you are now a click away from liking […]

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Office Politics: Where Credit Gets Taken

Acknowledgement is the spice of life. I mean – it’s not like we work for the sheer pleasure of working (unless you’re one of the lucky few). For most of us, job satisfaction is built on two things: The Paycheck; and The Praise. Of course, there are those who’ll argue that they only do it […]

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performance reviews

Office Politics: The Art of Self-Appraisal

I am, by nature, an argumentative individual. My therapist has informed me, in not very glowing terms, that this comes from my daily occasional frustration with a world that is empirically out to frustrate me. I mean – how dare it frustrate me?! And, of course, I disagree with her. I think I just like […]

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Office Politics: The Awkward Wedding Invite

This week, I spent some time (more time that usual) watching the statistics of you, my dear readers, subscribers, and clicked-here-by-mistake-ers. Based on over 18 months of panicked Ctrl+R on the Stats Dashboard, I feel like I can say this with empirical certainty: I am not popular on a Friday. I can say a few […]

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