I really like this chart of global growth that Visual Capitalist released on Friday:

global growth forecast

It’s like a math problem, isn’t it? You hear economic growth figures from all over:

  1. growth in the developed world is quite anaemic;
  2. growth in developing countries is meant to be not-quite-that-anaemic; and
  3. growth in China is allegedly fake (because no one really trusts China’s statistics).
Global Growth: The World Bank Data

That chart is based on the World Bank’s June 2017 “Global Outlook” publication. Here is a relevant table of numbers for you to gloss over:

global gdp growth world bank

The problem is scale. Low growth in a massive economy trumps higher growth in a small economy #punintended.

The Global GDP split

And in terms of global gdp, this from worldmapper:

global gdp

So the title of the original chart could just as easily have been:

“Over half of global growth is either fake, or in the hands of a potential madman.”

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