Rent vs Buy


I’m not paying for someone else’s mortgage!

And when your mortgage is really just rental paid to your bank.

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Rent or Buy: The Four Axioms

At least, I've only come up with four so far...

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Rent or Buy: A Video

An awesome youtube clip

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Rent or Buy: The Calculator

When is it cheaper to rent the place instead?

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“Should You Put Down A Deposit When Financing An Investment Property?”

The short answer is 'yes'. The long answer is more complicated.

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House Price Growth

The “Myth” About SA House Price Growth

Dealing with the bad math of 'experts'. Especially when they announce shocking numbers.

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Rent or Buy: But Are Metropolitan Areas Still King Though?

It seems like listed properties are much closer to being king...

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Rent or Buy: We Are All Renters

There's always a landlord.

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Rent or Buy: an update, still renting

I'm still renting, and I haven't changed my mind (yet).

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Rental Escalations: Don’t Be A Fool

Why you should always negotiate them (unless they're already reasonable)

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