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I have finally taken the step of giving Rolling Alpha its own Facebook page. You can find it here: Please visit it, like it, suggest that other people like it, etc. Reasons:

  1. This post will be my 673rd. That would be 673 times that Rolling Alpha has appeared in my friends’ newsfeeds. If they haven’t visited the site yet, then they’re not going to.
  2. I secretly suspect that sometime last week I was reported as spam. Mainly because my links stopped showing in my own newsfeed.
  3. You don’t need to be my facebook friend to like Rolling Alpha. The blog has its own friends.
  4. I’m a purist – I write every article on here (even when I’m sharing a youtube clip or infographic, the post is hand-prepped beforehand). But a Facebook page means that I can start sharing some of the articles and podcasts that are part of the inspiration. After all, there’s plenty of good content out there. I read/listen through a lot of really useless content to find it – and I think that’s worth sharing.
  5. It’s easier to interact on facebook. On the blog, for some reason, the comments section feels like admin.