Good GOOD morning! I am very excited to say that we now have a new logo, new facebook and twitter cover photos and A NEW WEBSITE (and if you’re an email subscriber, a new mailer).

The new logo:



The new Twitter cover photo:


The new Facebook cover photo:


The credits:

  1. The unbelievably awesome Kim, from PixelRocket, who thoroughly rocked all my pixels. She also spent hours going through posts and uploading featured images and dealing with all my OCD commentary à la “I don’t like this button – can we use another button?” That girl deserves a medal. And a strong endorsement for all your design needs (even if you don’t realise that you have those needs – because you do). And even more importantly, a point about ‘paying for what you get’. There are designers who offer you an all-in service for R7k, and then there are designers that do it for three times that. The ones that do it for R7k are cheap for a reason. The ones that do it for three times that are worth every cent and more.
  2. My partner, friends and family, for reviewing early drafts and giving carefully considered (and worded) opinions – only to have those opinions shelved because I preferred something else. Love me still.
  3. My loyal readers and followers, for dealing with the spam during the migration hiccup. READ ME STILL.

This is for Kim (because I know how much she likes a drag queen gif):


Snaps to ya, mama.

 Some points to note:

  1. I am working furiously to try and get everything up to date. There are excerpts to be written and more posts that require featured images and some re-tagging to be done. There is also some post-editing required due to a slight teething problem with lists (!). So in the meantime, some parts of the site will look better than others.
  2. Please bear with us if the connection seems a bit slow, or the page randomly drops for some reason. A few of the plugins aren’t happy with the new theme, so we’re working out the kinks. Just refresh the page and all should be fine.
  3. And for the email subscribers, you’ll find that the day’s post now comes into your inbox in the evening rather than in the morning. The short story: that’s the only way we could work it. The long story: we’ve moved the subscribers over to Mailchimp, which has much better mailers, but needs to be a timed email rather than an “as-you-publish-it” email, and I can’t always guarantee that I’ll have published a post by midday (there are days when that just doesn’t happen).

But most importantly, I really hope that you like how the website looks and works. I really wanted a website that was easier to navigate, and I think that we have that.

What a great day.

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