I realise that I am growing up to be a tetchy old man.

But I get irritated so easily. By things like unsolicited cc’ing in emails. And also, unsolicited group whatsapp conversations – where one person thanks the organiser, and then everyone else starts falling over themselves to re-express their own gratitude in varying degrees of emojicon while my phone loses valuable battery power by vibrating like Meg Ryan.

Yes – I could mute that conversation.

But what if I miss out on something important?

And worse – what if I’m the only one that doesn’t highfives-eggplant-balloons my appreciation, and end up looking like an ungrateful sadface-revolver-devilmask?

Sure, I could also leave the conversation. But then whatsapp would kindly inform everyone that “Jayson left” with time and datestamp, thereby earning me the devilmask by default.

When did thanking someone in person stop being sufficient? All you need is one person spamming a facebook-event-wall/whatsapp-group-chat/chain-email before everyone feels compelled to leap atop the multimedia bandwagon.

natalie portman hits guy with chair

Semi-modern comms, eh? Makes you glad for Snapchat. Because then it’s just “Hey! Come, don’t come, no response necessary, here’s an annotated-selfie.”


I’m getting distracted. Back to the emails.

I found a flowchart:

Thank you Pinterest
Thank you Pinterest
For Your Attention.

On this gloriously autumnal Worker’s Day friday.

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