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The American Fiscal Cliff

Recently, there has been talk of fiscal cliffs. And barreling off them into the abyss of unknown and unquantified chaos*. So what (is it), why (is it there), when (did it start), and who(‘s to blame). All the important questions. What is the Fiscal Cliff It is a series of tax hikes and spending cuts […]

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The Facebook IPO: Bitches Be Crazy

Recently, I have been paying attention to a number of news stories. In no particular order: The Facebook IPO First, some key points: Listing on a Stock Exchange is usually for good reasons – it is NOT just the next logical step in the success ladder; “Retail Interest” is an investment banking euphemism for “bitches be […]

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americas hyperinflation

America’s Hyperinflation

Some speculative dramatisation

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Austerity VS Growth

So the results have rolled in, and it looks like it’s going to be an awkward one. In France, Socialism has prevailed. Bye bye Sarkozy and his singing wife and the high society drama. Hello François and his civil-partner-that-he-won’t-marry and the anti-austerity rhetoric.  So what’s different? Sarkozy was all about the Merkozy. He advocated austerity, […]

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The Bugger of Bad Bonuses

So the article of the day: The big traders are abandoning Wall Street in favour of Hedge Funds. Link: As they should. All the big guys that do the cowboy thing and earn fun bonuses in cash are now being denied those bonuses in their former glory (those bonuses have been capped). So they’re leaving to join […]

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World Bank President: The Oscar goes to…

And the nominees are: Jim Yong Kim – a US National and President of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire José Antonio Ocampo – a Colombian National and Professor at Columbia University, New York Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala – a Nigerian National and Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, Nigeria. It certainly sounds a bit worldly, […]

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Bruno Iksil: the Volkermort of JPMogwarts

Bruno Iksil: he rules from the shadows. So for those who haven’t been following, the recent story shaking the Bloomberg Buzzworld is that of the JPMorgan credit derivatives trader with enough capital to break indices. Other traders are upset and calling him names. Names like “He Who Must Not Be Named” and “the London Whale”. […]

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LIBOR: Fiddling in the Banking Vatican

Collusion. It’s a dirty word that makes a lot of money until someone proves it. Then it costs a lot of money. And recently, Bloomberg has been abuzz with the LIBOR-fixing collusion scandal. The banks have been scurrying around not commenting and/or selling other banks down the river. The river Thames, presumably. With the pollution and […]

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Greek CDS Exposure: Proving the ISDA and Bloomberg Wrong

According to numerous news reports, the net exposure arising as a result of Friday’s decision to declare the activation of Greek CACs a credit-default event amounts to approximately $3.16 billion (assuming that the bonds achieve no value at the ISDA auction on March 19). Where is the data coming from? On the same day that […]

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Africa: The Last Investment Frontier

Recently, I had to make a bit of a career move decision. The question really being: “should I stay on the home continent – with all the red tape that being white and male and Zimbabwean entails?” I should probably admit that this life crisis took place on a beach in Mozambique’s Bazaruto Peninsula, with […]

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