Talking About Debt


Your portion of your national debt – panic?

People worry about the National Debt. But should you really be that worried about it?

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“Do you even know what a negative interest rate is?”

I don't think it's what you think it is. At least, not entirely.

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Yes, All The Debt. But: What Of All The Assets?

You can't talk about 'solvency' if all you talk about is debt. It's like trng t tlk nglsh wtht th vwls... #gibberish

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rate expectations

The Entirely Unsurprising Fed Rate Hike

Because, well, everyone knew it was coming. I got bored even writing that.

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Grexit: The Costs and Impossibilities

Lots of costs. Some impossibilities - but only really in theory.

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Syriza, Are You Actively Trying To Get Greece Kicked Out?

Sometimes, it's cooler to be thrown out... Includes a graph, a video clip, and a picture of Varoufakis playing chess.

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interest rates cartoon

How The Repo Rate Affects You

And how interest rates are set. Kind of.

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The Drag(hi) of Negative Interest Rates

What is a negative interest rate - and does it/should it matter?

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leaving the euro

Leaving the Euro: Such a Cost

All of them.

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Contagion. And Why Greece is Contagious

Austerity and debt monetisation

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