Following on from yesterday’s post, I spent some time reading a whitepaper from Rathbone Brothers PLC (they’re an large investment manager in the UK). It’s called “If You Leave Me Now”, which is a rather snappy title, I thought.

In the whitepaper, they mythbust five ‘myths’ around Brexit:

Myth 1: Restricting migrants from the EU will lead to better prospects for UK workers.

Myth told by: The Brexiteers

Spoiler Alert: No, it really won’t.

Myth 2: The UK’s trade balance will collapse if we withdraw from the EU.

Myth told by: The Bremainers

Spoiler Alert: No, it won’t. But a lot will depend on the manner of the Brexit.

Myth 3: Swiss Financial Services have thrived outside the EU: this could be a model for the UK.

Myth told by: The Brexiteers

Spoiler Alert: No, it isn’t – mainly because “Switzerland has spent the last 45 years negotiating over sector-specific bilateral agreements on everything from trade to immigration. There are now at least 120 technical accords, managed by 27 joint-committees, requiring constant renegotiation.” #replicatethatwhydontyou

Myth 4: The UK’s budget balance would improve substantially if we leave the EU.

Myth told by: The Brexiteers

Spoiler Alert: No, it almost certainly won’t. Either because the contributions will still be paid (in a “soft” Brexit), or the additional support required for those industries that will face high WTO-approved tariffs will outweigh the contributions (in a “hard” Brexit).

Myth 5: Foreign investors will withdraw from the UK if it leaves the EU.

Myth told by: The Bremainers

Spoiler Alert: No, they probably won’t.

Happily, they made some handy infographics to assist. Here they are:

myth 1
Myth 1: Immigration
Myth 2
Myth 2: Trade and Industry
myth 3
Myth 3: Financial Services
myth 4
Myth 4: Public Finances
Myth 5: Foreign Investment
Myth 5: Foreign Investment

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