Good morning – and happy Heritage Day to the South Africans. I shall shortly be going in search of meat product in order to bring it and braai it.

So today’s is a reasonably quick post.

For the background to this series of posts: herehere and here. And the summary:

  1. Small investors have some investing options.
  2. You can invest occasionally in lump sums (the once-off investors) or monthly through debit orders (the monthly investors).
  3. As for things to invest in, I’m a general fan of low-cost equity-index-tracker ETFs (as is Warren Buffett). But there are other possibilities as well.
  4. This series of posts is there to see which would work out well.
  5. Then there are some indicators at the end.

The Once-Off Investors

In pictures (not a great week in general):

Once Off Investor Returns Graph


And here’s the table:

Once Off Investors Return Table

The Monthly Investors

Some numbers:

Monthly Investors Return table


In pictures:

Monthly Investors Return Graph


FYI: this monthly stuff is kind of confused by the fact that I’ve assumed that monthly investment takes place on the last Wednesday of the month.

The Indicators

Indicators Table


The Commentary

The exchange rate weakened (thanks to the Russian nuclear deal, apparently)…

ZAR USD Exchange Rate


The Stock Market dipped (thanks to some China weakness):

ALSI graph


Government bond yields remained relatively flat:

10 Year Govt Bond Yield


Oil continues to depress itself:

USD Oil Price Graph


Less so in South African terms (which is, possibly, more depressing):

ZAR Oil Price Graph


Oh gold and platinum (see yesterday’s post):

USD Gold Platinum Price


Happy Heritage Day (?)

Until next week!

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