The Preamble

For the background to this series of posts: herehere and here. And the summary:

  1. Small investors have some investing options.
  2. You can invest occasionally in lump sums (the once-off investors) or monthly through debit orders (the monthly investors).
  3. As for things to invest in, I’m a general fan of low-cost equity-index-tracker ETFs (as is Warren Buffett). But there are other possibilities as well.
  4. This series of posts is there to see which would work out well.
  5. Then there are some indicators at the end. Because why not.

A look at the week everyone had:

Once-Off Investors

In numbers:

Once Off Investors Week 31

In pictures:

Once-Off Graph Week 31

So after last week’s little wobble in the market, we’re starting to see some “correction” (just in the other direction).

The strong end to last week had all the pundits flummoxed.

Monthly Investors

In numbers:

Monthly Investors Week 31

In pictures:

Monthly Graph Week 31

The Indicators

Indicators Week 31

The exchange rate…seems to be stabilising.

ZAR USD Week 31

I’ve heard some analysts say that this seems to indicate that there is not much flow of foreign capital, which is good for stability. But also: potentially not good because it could indicate that the instability is yet to come upon us. Which seems like a hedged bet to me – but what do I know?

The stock market…is correcting its incorrection?

ALSI Week 31

In dollar terms, slightly more so:

ALSI USD Week 31

The 10 Year Government Bond yield seems to be stable:

10 Year Govt Bond Week 31


Gold and Platinum…seem to be finally (and somewhat inexplicably) recovering.

USD Gold and Platinum Week 31

ZAR Gold and Platinum Week 31

While the Oil Price seems determined to proceed on its downward trajectory (also somewhat inexplicably, as it’s not like we got that much news in the last week that would suggest that the oil price should be lower):

Oil Week 31

ZAR Oil Week 31

Until next week!

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