The Preamble

For the background to this series of posts: herehere and here. And the summary:

  1. Small investors have some investing options.
  2. You can invest occasionally in lump sums (the once-off investors) or monthly through debit orders (the monthly investors).
  3. As for things to invest in, I’m a general fan of low-cost equity-index-tracker ETFs (as is Warren Buffett). But there are other possibilities as well.
  4. This series of posts is there to see which would work out well.
  5. Then there are some indicators at the end. Because why not.

In general, I thought that the week past felt like one of rationalisation. The SARB kept interest rates constant. It was announced that South Africa’s GDP grew by 1.4%, which was slightly better than expected. And I know this because the big stories in the news weren’t about Japan, or quantitative easing, or Mr Draghi – the big news was an Uber executive declaring that he wanted to dig up dirt on journalists. It was meant to be an off the record comment.

Seems that everything is on the record.

A look at the week everyone had:

Once-Off Investors

In numbers:

Once Off Table Week 36

All fairly flat.

In pictures:

Once Off Graph Week 36

Monthly Investors

In numbers:

Monthly Table Week 36

In pictures:

Monthly Graph Week 36


Week 36 Indicators

The stock market also stayed pretty flat:

Week 36 ALSI

And slightly less flat in real terms:

Week 36 ALSI USD

The exchange rate pulled back (probably on the news of the repo rate staying unchanged):

USD ZAR Exchange Rate Week 36

The 10 Year Government Bond yield dropped as people bought up bonds (also on the rate news?):

Govt Bond Week 36

Oil recovered a bit!

Oil Week 36

ZAR Oil Week 36

Gold and Platinum also recovered – and the gold price crossed upwards to above that of platinum:

Gold Platinum Week 36

ZAR Gold Platinum Week 36

Which is strange – unless you consider that investors stockpiled platinum in the waves of strikes. And now that production has recovered, why stockpile? So a sell-off maybe?

Until next week!

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