The Preamble

For the background to this series of posts: herehere and here. And the summary:

  1. Small investors have some investing options.
  2. You can invest occasionally in lump sums (the once-off investors) or monthly through debit orders (the monthly investors).
  3. As for things to invest in, I’m a general fan of low-cost equity-index-tracker ETFs (as is Warren Buffett). But there are other possibilities as well.
  4. This series of posts is there to see which would work out well.
  5. Then there are some indicators at the end. Because why not.

First off, a disclaimer-y apology: I got caught up this morning, so this is going to be very short.

But in more interesting/entertaining news, Cambist has suspended trading on its platform. After Bridge went into Business Rescue a few weeks ago. And OneLaw fired everyone on Monday. For the background, here’s where I first called the whole thing a ponzi scheme: “Is Cambist illegal, or lying, and how does it make money?” And here’s the moneyweb article from this morning: Cambist suspends platform.


A look at the week everyone had:

Once-Off Investors

In numbers:

Week 37 Once Off Table

In pictures:

Week 37 Once Off Graph

So all in all – a bit of an uninteresting week. Things fluctuated between better and worse and ended up almost exactly where they left off.

Monthly Investors

In numbers:

Week 37 Monthly Table

In pictures:

Week 37 Monthly Graph

The Indicators

Week 37 Indicators

The exchange rate weakened again:

Week 37 ZAR USD exchange rate

The stock market pulled back:

Week 37 ALSI

The stock market in real terms:

Week 37: ALSI USD

10 Year Government bond yields continued to fall:

Week 37 10 Year Govt Bond

Oil prices continued to plummet (I actually had to redo the graph, because I’d run out of axis):

Week 37 Oil

In Rand terms:

Week 37 ZAR Crude Oil

Gold and Platinum:

Week 37 Gold Platinum

In Rand terms:

Week 37 ZAR Gold Platinum

Until next week!

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