Article of the day: Apple seeks more damages in the States.

part of me wonders whether this fight for more damages (an extra $535 million) doens’t have something to do with the fact that this may be Apple’s best shot at winning.

Let’s summarise:

  • GERMANY: Apple 1 Samsung 0 (the interface patents match); Apple 0 Samsung 1 (the touchscreen technologies match)
  • JAPAN: Apple 0 Samsung 1. Apple ordered to pay costs.
  • SOUTH KOREA: Apple 0 Samsung 0 – a draw. Everyone violated a patent.
  • HOLLAND: Apple 10 Samsung 01 – overruled on appeal
  • AUSTRALIA: Apple 0 Samsung 1 – injunction overturned.
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Apple 0 Samsung 1 – iPad ruled “too cool to be copied” by a British judge. Then Apple ordered to publish a disclaimer on their website saying that Samsung did not copy them.


  • UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Apple 1 Samsung -1.

With damages and some banning.

I’m not saying I’m not on Apple’s side. But I am saying that there appears to be bias there if you’re looking it…