Here is a speech and animation that I liked a lot (and this is the link for the email subscribers – The Power of Networks, or you can check it out directly on

The basic summary being:

  1. Once, we liked to think of things as linear (direct cause and effect – that sort of thing).
  2. Then, we realised that there was interconnection, and it all looked highly chaotic.
  3. Now, we’re learning to see the mind/body/world/Life/the Universe as giant networks of organised complexity.

It’s almost like science is becoming more spiritual: moving from linear moralism, to the agnostic I’m-too-limited-and-the-Universe-is-too-unlimited-for-me-to-say-anything-really, and now reaching a kind of mystical state where Self-Understanding reflects Universal Understanding and vice versa, with all the fun multiplier effects that implies.

From an economic standpoint, I guess this represents the move away from Market Intervention (linear cause and effect) and Neoliberalism (where everything is too chaotic for us to understand – so rather just let everything do what it must to stay in balance, and stay out of it with all your regulation, Big Government), and towards a pluralistic Schrödinger-esque view of Economies as places where you can both intervene and not intervene and that really depends on your perspective.

That might seem a bit heavy for a Monday morning. But there are pictures.

Also, this:

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