I wrote a post for today that I’m quite proud of. Unfortunately, I need to have it vetted, and it seems that the person in question has gone awol. I had hoped that I might hear back sooner – but the day is ticking along, so it might have to wait.

Given that, I’ve resorted to another story that I’ve been wanting to post for some time. You see, with all the cows causing global warming, it seems that we might be approaching the point where it makes sense to look for alternatives. And the UN is a giant fan of invertebrates, having suggested that this should be the solution to the starving hordes.

Now I don’t really like the idea of eating insect – but when I hear that crickets taste like nutty prawns, I almost want to try them in a pad thai. After all, prawns and lobsters aren’t all that attractive to look at – and yet somehow, we manage to eat them without getting their legs caught in our teeth. Also, meal worms apparently taste like popcorn and bamboo worms like Lays potato chips?

Here’s a video clip that I think we should all be watching.