It’s Women’s Day here in South Africa, so most of my readers are enjoying a lie-in (and gratefully thanking their mothers for it). This includes me, so instead of a full-length post, here’s this exciting thing (thanks to


Which I think is pretty cool. Although it does remind me of all those prediction-cards that someone once made for that exhibition in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century (Google now tells me that this was Jean-Marc Côté, in 1900, for the World Exhibition).

Remember these:

France_in_XXI_Century._Air_firefighters 800px-France_in_XXI_Century._Air_cab 800px-France_in_XXI_Century._Barber

Although some were definitely not that far off the mark:

France_in_XXI_Century._Farmer 800px-France_in_XXI_Century._School

Happy Tuesday.

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