Exciting news!! My friend Andy and I have been working on a podcast project for the last few months. We’ve called it “The Story of Money Podcast”, and we’re finally taking it public.

The Story of Money Podcast Blurb

Officially (as in, wherever we’ve had to fill in a show summary):

On the Story of Money podcast, we are all about understanding money: from the early days of bartering, to today’s world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, where we mine money out of math equations.

Unofficially, it’s a series of conversations between a crypto-luddite who prefers art as his tangible investment asset of choice (me), and a blockchain programmer (Andy) who was an early contributor to Status (the massive $100 million Ethereum app).

Fortunately, we started these recordings back in March. Otherwise, I fear that Andy would have been too busy hanging out with the Cyptocrats to devote hours to this small-time side-project.

You’re in for a treat, folks. Episode 4, in particular, is one to look out for. I spent most of it sounding silently awed (which is quite hard to do on an audio recording – but I somehow managed it).

The Story of Money Podcast – Technical Stuff

There’s a pretty generic webpage (for the moment) at storyof.money, which we’re in the process of improving. But we’re on iTunes, so find us at:


Also, a massive shout-out to Kim Banks for (once-again) being a design genius, and giving us this:

story of money podcast

Let us know what you think on Twitter! Here are the important accounts:

Also, please leave us some ratings!

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