I’ve written about UBI before:

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It’s one of those utopian-style ideas that seems to be gaining greater traction in the world of welfare: if only because it’s a rebellious attempt to move away from the traditional non-PC Trumpetarian approach of treating poor people as dumb fools who can’t control themselves or their money, so best they get food stamps instead of cash.

Interestingly, that particular idea of poor people as ‘freeloaders’ seems to have developed straight out of the Protestant work ethic handbook – and its Prosperity Gospel offshoot – in which the Wealthy are the hardworking, righteous and thrice-blessed participants in God’s plan while the Poor are lazy reprobates experiencing their just rewards. For more on that, I strongly endorse “The Godly Edition” episode on the Slate Money podcast. I’ll eventually get round to writing about it – but speaking as a committed Christian myself, it was eye-opening.

But back to UBI, here is a magnificent infographic from Futurism.com that is an awesome summation of the concept and its history – I wish I’d found it sooner. Also – I’m hoping you can see this, because WordPress was not happy with this image for some weird reason. If not, the link is here.

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