I’ve spent the last hour or so whirling around the bookmarks on my internet browser, doing a catch-up of the opinion and news pieces that I missed over the long weekend. And this was my favourite:

Varoufakis Gets Defended By Dad – Other Finance Ministers Are Just Being Jealous

Thanks this website
Thanks this website

There has apparently been some progress in Greek talks now that Yanis Varoufakis has been “sidelined” in favour of a junior minister, Euclid Tsakalotos.

Varoufakis continues to maintain that he’s in charge by making statements like “Yes, I’m in charge.”

Also, over the weekend, he declared that “of course” Greece could survive without a bailout, on the condition that there is “an important restructuring of the debt.” Which, you’ll forgive me for saying this, but all he really declared was that Greece could survive the bailout by defaulting on its debt.

Other obvious statements that he could have made along those same lines:

  1. “Of course men could give birth to children, on the condition that those men were actually women.”
  2. “Of course I could manage to live without water, on the condition that I were already dead.”
  3. “Of course Angela Merkel is a hot model, on the condition that we’re talking about Gisele Bündchen.”

My favourite part, however, was when Yanis’ father leapt to his defence, declaring:

“[his critics] want to run him down because he is competent. He is not like them. That is why they attack him.

“Yanis is a very good boy, and is always telling the prime minister what to do, which is why he adores him.


That made my Monday.

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